Homemade Blueberry Jam

The best thing about summers are the fresh berries so we thought to make the perfect homemade blueberry jam for you guys. Enjoy this on a toast, oatmeal, thumbprint cookies, tarts, in smoothies, and so much more. 


One of the things that we love about this jam are CHIA SEEDS. Chia seeds are magic. We love using them as thickeners in all kinds of foods. And let’s not forget how nutritious chia seeds are! 


With this recipe, you are only four ingredients away from homemade blueberry jam! Just four ingredients: Fresh blueberries, Date Palm Jaggery, Chia Seeds & Maple Syrup! No pectin, no preservatives, no starches. SO EASY! And it’ll only take you about an hour! This recipe is for a small batch so you can keep it in your fridge for up to 4 weeks, if it lasts that long!




750g of fresh blueberries, deseeded & mashed 
150g date palm jaggery, grated 
1½ tbsp chia seeds 
3 tbsp maple syrup


1. Add the deseeded blueberries in a mixed grinder & coarsely grind the berries.


Please Note: Make sure the blueberries are properly deseeded because the seeds in the jam will make the jam taste biter. If you don’t want to go through the process of deseeding the berries you can just mash them and drain out all the juice, but this way you’ll be throwing away all the pulp and the skin of the berries. 

2. Transfer the grinded blueberries in a wide saucepan and bring it to boil on high flame. Spoon out all the foam which you’ll see floating above. 


3. Start a 30 minutes timer. Lower the heat to medium and add the date palm jaggery. Cook for about 10 minutes. 


Please Note: The quantity of any sweetener depends on the taste of your berries. the blueberries we used were sweet & sour. If the blueberries you have is more sweet, you can adjust the quantity of the sweetener accordingly or visa versa.

4. Add the chia seeds & the maple syrup. Cook for 20 minutes on medium heat stirring constantly with a flat bottom spatula to avoid burning of the jam. 


Please Note: Since we made the jam with pulp and the skin, we added 1½ tbsp chia seeds, but if you make it with just the berry juice, add 3 tbsp of chia seeds. 

5. Cook the jam till it has a firm consistency and all the water has evaporated. 


Happy Cooking!
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