Homemade Blueberry Jam

The best thing about summers are the fresh berries so we thought to make the perfect homemade blueberry jam for you guys. Enjoy this on a toast, oatmeal, thumbprint cookies, tarts, in smoothies, and so much more.  Continue reading Homemade Blueberry Jam

Chicken Tikka Thin Crust Pizza

Spicy, spicy, spicy! You know we like it spicy. And this Indo-Italian pizza is perfect for spice lovers. Chicken Tikka Pizza is a perfect marriage between an Indian and an Italian recipe, bringing you a unique and delicious flavor. Continue reading Chicken Tikka Thin Crust Pizza

Watermelon Basil Cooler

Watermelon is probably one of our summer highlights and that’s why this watermelon basil cooler felt just right. It’s incredibly refreshing and hydrating because watermelon has so much water in it. Continue reading Watermelon Basil Cooler

The Juicy Lucy Chicken Burger

This chicken burger is called the “JUICY LUCY” because of the the grilled chicken patty with a molten center of cheese, crispy fresh lettuce doused with mustard sauce and cheese spread & the soft burger buns that envelopes this entire wonder. Continue reading The Juicy Lucy Chicken Burger

Rich Makhane Ki Kheer

No festival is complete without Indian desserts because desserts are the highlight of the festive times and this kheer is one of the perks for fasting. Rich in protein and calcium, makhana combines beautifully with full cream milk to make a creamy and delicious kheer. A lacing of saffron lends an aesthetic touch to the Makhane ki Kheer, making this a memorable dessert that lingers on your taste buds. Continue reading Rich Makhane Ki Kheer

Navratri Special Thali

Navratri festivities give you a chance to get back to the roots and deviate from the day-to-day affair. The Aloo Sabzi, Kuttu Pakodas & Mithi Dahi in our thali tastes best when eaten together.
Continue reading Navratri Special Thali

Hot & Spicy Chilli Garlic Sauce

If you love Chinese or Indo-Chinese cuisine, some kind of chilli sauce is a must in your pantry. We made some of our own. It is one spicy, firecracker sauce! It has the lingering heat of dried red chilies combined with the smoky goodness of garlic. Best accompanied with dumplings & spring rolls. 
Continue reading Hot & Spicy Chilli Garlic Sauce

Macaroni Peanut Salad

Delicious & healthy macaroni salad with a creamy dressing & colourful veggies along with a crunchy twist of crushed peanuts perfect for picnics or a summer side dish. Continue reading Macaroni Peanut Salad