Crispy Cottage Cheese Puff

Crispy Cottage Cheese Puffs are a perfect tea time snack or starter recipe for the party. An easy, quick and tasty appetizer recipe made with puff pastry which makes it crisp and crunchy on the outside along with moist and flavorful cottage cheese filling on the inside.  Continue reading Crispy Cottage Cheese Puff

Dal Makhani

Dal makhani or dal makhni is a popular dish from the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent. The primary ingredients are whole black lentil, red kidney beans, butter and cream. A creamy, rich and flavourful lentil dish which is a perfect companion every naan and roti deserves.  Continue reading Dal Makhani

The Chutneys

This Green and Mango Chutney are the perfect toppings for Dahi Gujiyas, the recipe of which is on our next post. These chutneys are versatile and can also be used as an accompaniment with other snacks. Continue reading The Chutneys

Dahi Gujiya

A speciality of holi festival, this recipe is a burst of tang, spice, sweet and salt in your mouth. Try these delicious Dahi Gujiyas for this Holi festival & treat your loved ones a colorful plate of deliciousness. Continue reading Dahi Gujiya

Tricolour Potato Bombs

Today is India’s 69th Republic Day & we decided to celebrate this day with a true spirit of patriotism by making this easy & delicious recipe that is naturally tricoloured without a drop of food colour. Continue reading Tricolour Potato Bombs

Rajasthani Pakoda Kadhi

This famous dish has some delicious flavors which comes from the spicy masalas used in it. Such a splash of flavours is essential to enjoy food in extreme climates such as that found in Rajasthan.  Continue reading Rajasthani Pakoda Kadhi